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MM: V by Remanoir MM: V by Remanoir


Name: V
Birth Name: Bernard Wyatt

Age: 25


Height: 1.75m / 5ft 9in

Occupation Home Economics Teacher

D.O.B.: Feb 29th

Envoker: Clover, one of the pair of a semi-auto handgun. This one is jammed.

Weapon: Clover, one of the pair a semi-auto handgun. This one is unjammed.


Persona 1's Name: Ramachandra
Means "Rama moon", derived from RAMA, another name of Vishnu, combined with Sanskrit चन्द्र (chandra) meaning "moon". The Hindu god Vishnu is the protector and preserver of the universe.

Skill Set:
Morning Star: Massive Almighty dmg to all
Samsara: High Chance of death from Hama
Salvation: Recovers All HP and Ailments
Heat Riser: + attack, Defence, Agility
Mind Charge: 2.5 x magic attack
Samarecarm: Revives one fallen ally with full HP.
Die for Me!: Very high chance of instant death from the power of Darkness on all enemies.
Spell Master: Halves the SP cost for all magic skills.

Persona 2's Name: Erebos
Latinized form of the Greek Ερεβος (Erebus) which means "nether darkness". Erebus was the personification of the primordial darkness in Greek mythology.

Skill Set:
Insta-Heal: Recovers from ailments in one turn.
Evil Smile: 30% chance of inflicting the Fear ailment on all enemies.
Ghastly Wail: Instantly kills all targets who are suffering from the Fear ailment (unavoidable)
Debilitate: Decreases an enemy's Attack, Defense and Agility for 3 turns.
Dekaja: Cancels Buff effects. All enemies.
Pralaya: Inflicts a severe amount of Physical damage with a high chance of instant death on all enemies.
God's Hand: Inflicts a massive amount of Strike damage to one enemy.
Vorpal's Blade: Inflicts a massive amount of Slash damage.


[Whimsical]: V usually interacts with other people base on his mood. As such, most people will know if he is happy, ok, or disgruntled based on his actions. V does not take other people's comfort into consideration and often would blatantly disregard other's discomfort for his own amusement. Just because he is smiling does not mean it'll bring good luck to you.

[Rebellious]: V highly dislikes it when people dictate how he should do things. He also enjoys bending and breaking the rules. V understands that the rules and advice are placed to ensure his health and progress, but he would rather push the boundaries than follow a set path. To become like everyone else irritates him and he often subtly manipulates the regulations to step on its borderline.

[Elusive]: V likes to keep whatever shred of information and tricks he has to himself. Culinary is a highly competitive field and often recipes gets stolen by rival chefs. Despite V's otherwise rebellious nature, he has learned to keep certain information to himself even if that means pretending to be like the others. V knows that the best kept secrets are the ones locked in one's self.

[Non-Confrontational]: V hates arguments. It is not because he is afraid of hurting people, rather, he dislike having to show his hands. V understand his own limitations, his own strengths, and weaknesses. By showing others his true colors or by picking a side, it would cut himself off from potential information or allies. It also comes to play in an actual physical fight. V knows he is not the most physical of the bunch and would rather run than try to stay and fight. Physical pain is not worth the childish sense of victory and the mess that would follow after it.

V grew up in a middle-class home in France with loving parents. He had a relatively normal childhood, and fell in love with cooking during his middle school years. With hard practice, V was able to win several small awards around the area with his cooking, and that motivated V to try to push for a career out of it. After high school, he immediately began to hunt down any culinary masters who are willing to take in an apprentice. He was accepted by a master of French cuisine, and earnestly began to train under the master. The master was immensely impressed by V's dedication and skill and considered V as an candidate to inherit the restaurant that the master owned. V was up against some of his follow apprentices for the spot in a contest. However disaster struck, and one of the apprentices mysteriously disappeared. The master was shocked by the news, ended up having a heart attack, and died. Since no one won the contest, the restaurant was instead passed to one of the master's relatives. V, feeling the need to get away from the whole shocking ordeal, decided to travel abroad to further improve his own skill. V became interested in Asian cooking and was looking to travel to an Asian country first. Higashimori High School's prestigious name caught his eye. The institution was located in Japan and the Home Economics position was open. Working for a school like that would not only look good on his resume, but will also secure V an income that he can support himself with. With that in mind, V applied for the position.

Misc. Facts:
- V introduces himself as 'V'. He absolutely hates his birth name but his parents prevent him from changing it legally.
- V likes cute things.
- V eats around 4 times as much as a normal person due to a sudden increase in metabolism. 
-V also became addicted to shoujo manga.
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